Guide for Parents

I know that church can be an uncomfortable experience for far too many families with children with special or additional needs. If that applies to you, I do hope the resources on this website will be helpful in sharing the stories of the Bible and God’s love with your children.
Finding resources is straightforward. The search button will respond to keywords, while the tabs take you to New Testament, Old Testament, Extra Topics or Aslan at Home. You can also sort into A-Z. When none are selected, the default is the 3-year plan (date order) followed by Aslan at Home.

All the resources on this website are suitable to be used 1:1, but the ‘Aslan at Home’ devotionals were created during Lockdown for parents to use when churches and groups were closed. They have more pictures than the lesson plan resource and are designed to be worked through together with a child or family group.
The key thing to get started is to decide what level of material your child/children need. The levels are explained here.
The Aslan at Home devotional resource can be printed out but is best used on an iPad or laptop with Wi-Fi to enable the videos to be played. You will also need a printer in order to complete the activities.

If you’re looking for a church that is inclusive, it might be helpful to look at the  Accessible Churches Map which is coordinated by the Additional Needs Alliance. There may be a church nearer to you than you think!

I do hope you find the resources helpful. I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or feedback. Simply click on the ‘Hi’ button and fill in the contact form.

Jackie Potter

Leader of Aslan