Guide for Teachers

The resources on this website are primarily created for churches to use in SEN Sunday School groups, but if you’re a teacher looking for material related to the Bible, I hope you will find some useful topics and activities on this website.
The resources are based on a 3-year plan which follows through the Old Testament and the life of Jesus in a systematic way, roughly alternating monthly with OT/NT. However, each of the topics and most sessions can be used as stand-alone lessons. Finding resources is straightforward. The search button will respond to keywords, while the tabs take you to New Testament, Old Testament, Extra Topics or Aslan at Home. You can also sort into A-Z. When none are selected, the default is the 3-year plan (date order) followed by Aslan at Home.

Each lesson has a plan aimed at leading a Sunday School group, but the teaching information and link to the story can be easily extracted. There are then 4 levels of activity which relate to my own system of levelling rather than the National Curriculum, ranging from non-readers to independent learners. The ‘zipped’ bundle includes both the Word and PDF documents enabling copying and pasting or editing.
The key thing to get started is to decide what level of material your child/children need. The levels are explained here.
I hope you find the resources helpful. If you have any questions or would like to give feedback, please contact me via the ‘Say Hi’ button. I’d love to hear from you!

Jackie Potter

Leader of Aslan