The ‘Aslan at Home’ resources were developed during lockdown, when churches were closed and families were at home. Most of the material is taken from the Aslan resources already available, but redesigned to be used 1:1, with extended teaching,  differentiated so that Levels 1 and 2 are the same and Levels 3 and 4 are the same, but each level has its own activities. There are more pictures to look at together and a ’something to think about’ section to encourage discussion, followed by a prayer.

Level 4+ is a printable version with bible references to look up rather than video links and no activities included.

How to use the resources

Make sure you have access to the internet via a laptop, tablet or phone.

  • Choose the session you would like to use
  • Decide on the appropriate level (see below). Please note these are Aslan levels and not National Curriculum
  • Print off the activities for the chosen level
  • Gather together any other resources (listed after the prayer)
  • Start following the online section, clicking on the videos as you go
  • Complete the activities

Levels Explained 

(For a more detailed explanation of levels, click here.)

Level 1: Mostly picture-matching type activities for non-readers with little or no writing skills.

Level 2: Developing readers and writers who need support to complete the activities.

Level 3: Fluent readers and writers. May need some help with spelling and forming sentences, but able to do most of the activities independently.

Level 4: Capable of reading and writing fluently, looking up Bible verses, and working independently.

Do contact me via the ‘Hi’ link if you have any questions or feedback.

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