Using a PowerPoint Presentation

Using the PPT on an iPad

Select ‘PowerPoint’ from the list of downloads. At the bottom of the screen, click on ‘download’ and then ‘open in’ ‘PowerPoint’. (At this point you can insert downloaded videos or do any other edits if you would like to.)

When you are ready to present, click on ‘Notes’ at the bottom of the screen. This gives the same teaching as on the lesson plan and starts after the introductory slides.  Then attach the iPad to a TV using an HDMI adapter and select ‘Presenter View’. You’ll see both slides and notes, but only the slides will appear on the screen.

There are only links to the videos for copyright reasons. If you’re able to download them beforehand and insert them into the slides, it’s easier when presenting as you won’t need to rely on the internet and you’re straight into the video without any ads. If you need downloading software RealPlayer is a great piece of software to allow you to download videos for free.

Please let me know, via the ‘Hi’ link if there is a particular lesson you need a PowerPoint for and it’s not available. I am gradually going through all the lessons adding them, but it is a work in progress!